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That is stunning!   yippie24

Our Place / Re: Lightweight 6-inch grinder similar to Caberet?
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:19:05 PM »
Still ongoing ....  A guy on the GemologyOnline forum was posting about it not long ago.  He waited a YEAR before he finally got his faceting machine -- and he was across the pond.  Someone on that forum posted that they had seen him in Tucson this year and got the low-down.  Doesn't seem to ever end for those folks.

Our Place / Re: Lightweight 6-inch grinder similar to Caberet?
« on: April 11, 2016, 06:27:23 PM »
Don't know what would light a fire under them, if anything, but I know there was a death in the family, some health issues and a move to a new location.  Lots of folks complaining about their response time and customer service nowadays.

Our Place / Re: The Search engine hates me
« on: April 10, 2016, 02:08:51 PM »
Same seller I gave you before on Ebay.  I believe I saw a piece of Australian black jade in his store.  That will give you a high gloss shine.

Our Place / Re: The Search engine hates me
« on: April 10, 2016, 08:22:33 AM »
You are not alone.  The search engine hates everyone!   dunno28

Ron's Rocks has some on Ebay. More than a small piece though.  You could message him and ask if he has a piece he can sell you.

By mesh discs do you mean the resin sanding discs?  If so, you don't even need to soak them.  Just peel them off carefully if you want to reuse them and stick another one on.  Feathering adhesive will let you peel and stick back on a number of times before you have to put new adhesive on.

I have some that I have to stack a few washers in order to get it screwed on good.  Works fine.

Fascinating Facets / Re: Imahashi FAC8 faceting machine
« on: April 07, 2016, 07:51:01 PM »
Hi Robert,

There aren't very many faceting folks on this forum, so I would suggest you hop over to the Gemology Online forum at and ask there.  There are a lot of faceters on that list who probably would know the Imahashi attributes and drawbacks.  You could also try the USFG list in Yahoo Groups.

Good luck!

I think it's fine.  They color code the discs by grit size for ease of use.  I would guess it's just the smaller grit holding on to the silver color.  Shouldn't be a problem and will probably wear off with some more use.

Feathering Disc Adhesive will allow you to change your discs.

The rubber pads are pretty permanent once you apply them to a disc.  I have never taken one off (never needed to yet), so just swapping out the actual cutting discs would work.  If you were going to use just one disc and keep changing the cutting discs, I would not peel off the paper on the PSA backing of the discs and just use the feathering adhesive on the backs.  I use the feathering adhesive for applying my leather polishing discs to a lap.

Use the rubber pads under the resin diamond discs.  They have PSA on the back and you stick them on the plastic lap.  You stick the resin diamond discs on top of the rubber to make the sanding process more smooth.  I found the rubber pads at Kingsley North for less than Ameritool and there is a quantity discount.

Smoothing discs go from 220 to 3000 grit.  Don't know if you have an 8" or 6" machine, but here's the link for the 6" discs:

Eastwind makes high grit polishing discs, but note they are expensive (but really good):

You can use silicon carbide wet/dry sandpaper, but I've never used it.  Somebody else would have to tell you what to get in that department.

You shouldn't be using water with diamond paste.  Use it on a Tech-10, felt or smooth leather polishing pad, alone or with some extender fluid.  Shouldn't be messy at all.

Dang, that is nice Holley.  Looks like jelly bean color!   yes16

Absolutely watch estate sales.  We've gotten some really good deals with estate sale buys.  Also, if you have a local auction house, watch those too.  You never know when something will turn up!

Hi Mac and welcome to the forum!  Also keep an eye on Craig's List for your area for a cabbing machine.

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