Author Topic: Anyone coming to the West Springfield, MA show this weekend? - trade some slabs?  (Read 402 times)

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I might head out to the gem show in West Springfield, MA on Saturday this weekend (probably Saturday, mid-day).  I could bring along some slabs for trade if anyone thinks they might attend the show.  I looked at the vendors and unfortunately the show does not appear to be very large.

If anyone is coming let me know.  Shoot me a PM and I'll give you a phone number, perhaps we can connect and make some trades.  I have quite a few things I picked up at the Arizona show in Feb.  I slabbed a bunch of stuff up and certainly have more of some materials than I can use.  Any interesting Jaspers, Agates, etc out there?

I'm also in the market for another arbor, one that can hold another two 6 or 8 inch grinding or sanding wheels.  Let me know if anyone has equipment they might like to sell at this meeting. 
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Always interested in trading slabs or rough