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Forum Policies
« on: July 21, 2014, 12:51:39 PM »
I was hoping I would never have to make this post, but after a few things have come up, I'm just going to cover all bases and put this where all people can see it.

1) No Selling until you reach fifty (50) posts.  No exceptions.  Your sales posts will be deleted.  You may get a warning or depending on the infraction, your account deleted entirely.  This is done to protect forum members from potential scam artists and to protect the sellers as well. 

2) You may post a link to your website in your signature.  We really would appreciate your first name in your signature as well.  We are a community forum and love to get to know each other on a  first name basis.  It's who we are.  We're proud to be one of the best forums for rockhounds on the net.   yes16

3)  Please please please don't rapid post to try to get to the fifty post limit to be able to sell things.  You will be noticed, you will be deleted.  I mean this.  We want you to post and share information with others on this forum and make friends.  Simply making one or two word responses to a bunch of posts rapidly gaining 30+ posts in under 20 minutes will not near and endear you to anyone on this forum.  That folks is SPAM.

4) Rude remarks, comments and flame wars have no place here.  You will be dealt with accordingly.  I hate locking threads, I loathe deleting members.  However if you force my hand I will do it.  Please do not bring disagreements and flame wars from other forums over here.  We don't need the baggage coming here from other places.  Please keep this in mind when posting.

5) Politics.  While I don't have an all-out ban on politics, I much prefer you keep them off forum.  There are political forums on the net where you can voice your concerns over the governments, elections etc.  This forum isn't the place for that.  If you chose to post about this stuff there's a good chance your post will eventually be locked because someone might get offended.  Better to just not post the stuff at all.

6) Religion.  Our forum members cover a wide range of beliefs from all over the world.  Please respect these beliefs.  Don't post stuff belittling someones religion or other spiritual beliefs and please don't post stuff trying to convert others.  I'm a Jew married to a Mormon.  My family is Methodist.  I have friends who are Pagan and Tao-Buddhist.  If we all can get along, you can to.   saved18  Preferrably I'd like folks to just keep religious postings to a minimum if possible, it just helps in the long run in keeping things running smoothly.  If you want to wish folks a Merry Christmas, I'm cool with that.  You want to wish folks a Happy Chinese New Year I'm for that too.   yes16 

I think for now that covers the most important aspects of the rules here.  I want everyone to have fun and enjoy their experience here.  Afterall, we all like to talk, show off our creations and learn new things.   chitchat