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Congratulations to Asianfire and his Montana Agate cab!

Another cabochon contest coming soon!

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 on: Today at 11:10:50 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by rocks2dust
I adore Midnight Lace, and you've done a spectacular job of orienting and presenting that pattern.

 on: Today at 10:47:56 AM 
Started by 55fossil - Last post by 55fossil
   Well, enough testing.  Using 580 oil in a 24 inch saw proved good and bad. The price is great considering this oil really lubricates well. Almost no smell and definitely no bad odors in my opinion. No bad effects on bare skin and inhalation that I could tell. I am not a doctor, read the public MSDS for all medical effects per the government... My hands and clothes do wash off fairly.

   The bad part.  The oil sticks like mad and is slow to drip off slabs. It cleans slowly using the bag filter method but you can recover quite a bit of your oil. I have been using Tide detergent to wash my rocks. This stuff washes off but again it likes to stick and takes more effort than the lighter oils.

   Next..  I am buying Neutral 100 white oil for $10 a gallon. WHY?   I have found white oils have no smell, drip off fast and wash off easily. Also, you can put your used oil in a bucket and 80 % of it floats up in 48 hours. Using the bag filter you get some more of your oil back. The cheaper oil is much more time consuming to recover your used oil and slow to filter in a bag. So, if you have time I would save the money and buy 580. If you never have time and it fits your budget buy the white oil. White oil is not "food grade" but is used on food processing machinery.

 on: Today at 10:34:02 AM 
Started by Sandsave - Last post by Jhon P
Mcdermitt. But if it want to craze and fall apart it won't be any good for napping.
There is some good opalized wood near Gabbs Nevada that is pretty stable that could be napped?

 on: Today at 08:49:32 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by freeformcabs
Nice shape Bob.

 on: Today at 08:15:13 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by Kaljaia
Really beautiful stone! It's got an otherworldly quality to it. I agree, perfect orientation for that material.

 on: Today at 08:07:45 AM 
Started by Sandsave - Last post by Orrum
Hey where yall find or get the opalite? I want to hound some for knapping.

 on: Today at 08:05:49 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by Orrum
Wow Bobby I been missing your awesome creations! That's another wowser!!!

 on: Today at 06:50:09 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by hummingbirdstones
Wow, Bob, that is gorgeous!   :Worthy:

 on: Today at 06:38:13 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by 55fossil
   Excellent!!  Glass Buttes has so many variations and it is all about cutting it in the right direction. Seems you found the perfect orientation on that pieces.

 on: Today at 05:43:25 AM 
Started by bobby1 - Last post by lithicbeads
 Incredible stone and excellent photo, thanks.

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