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Author Topic: What to do with used up hard wheels?  (Read 4524 times)

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Re: What to do with used up hard wheels?
« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2018, 01:00:54 PM »

    I did not do any special treatments to the leather. This was meant to be a simple test and it was. Since it worked well with just a straight seam I left it alone and made three more like it. I have used this leather wheel for over a year now with good results. I use a sprayer on mist to keep the leather damp while polishing. On some stones I let the leather get dry and actually let it heat the stone up to get a dazzling finish on really hard stones. Softer stones seem to polish wet with a rather damp leather pad.

     Make sure and let the glue set up well before using!  Since this is a soft wheel that flexes I think the rubber cement was a great choice as it will flex forever. There could be a better choice.

   Is there a better way.... most likely.   I think the biggest key is getting a leather that will hold the polish and do a good job. I really found the suede side to do a great job. Some times simple is good.....   


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Re: What to do with used up hard wheels?
« Reply #16 on: October 15, 2018, 09:08:04 PM »

Thanks Phil. I didn't even think of sewing the leather ends together. Must have rocks in my head... .

I see from re-reading this thread that the leather was used on an old Nova wheel - not a hard wheel. The thread started off on hard wheels, but many thanks to 55fossil for posting a photo of the leather "belt" on the soft wheel.

The rubber cement works too. I've used that when assembling resin disk/foam pad/steel backers for a flat lap.


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Re: What to do with used up hard wheels?
« Reply #17 on: November 14, 2018, 08:12:04 PM »

Regarding the Nova wheels.  Since the surface is likely still rough to some extent, maybe the following is a solution?

Set up a way in which you can have the used wheel slowly rotate (not sure what speed would work best).
Get some diamond dust of appropriate grit, mix it into an appropriate adhesive, and with the wheel slowly rotating just paint it on for several layers and then leave it rotating slowly to dry/cure.
Not sure how some resins would work, but I would think there is some form of resin or epoxy that could fill the role.

Just an idea, no clue if it would work.


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Re: What to do with used up hard wheels?
« Reply #18 on: November 14, 2018, 09:45:03 PM »

Hi Neural, there are detailed instructions for this here somewhere, but I was asking about hard wheels. Also, Johnson Brothers will do the Nova wheels for you at reasonable cost, for people who don’t want the bother.
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