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Congratulations to wheatguy and his Pietersite Cab!

Another cabochon contest coming soon!

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 on: Today at 06:29:09 PM 
Started by Bluetangclan - Last post by Jhon P
I found someone that has 100 lbs of this stone hoarded away. She is going to sell me a piece big enough to cut into a sphere. Excited and I should get plenty of slabs too.

 on: Today at 06:09:56 PM 
Started by Bluetangclan - Last post by vitzitziltecpatl
Thought I'd post a link to the photo of how this quest turned out. Just in case anyone finds this thread and is curious.

 on: Today at 06:07:15 PM 
Started by Redrummd - Last post by vitzitziltecpatl
Thanks for the info. Really good to know, since I spend more time in the saw shop than anywhere. Just ask Robin... .

 on: Today at 06:04:30 PM 
Started by Bluetangclan - Last post by vitzitziltecpatl
Really like the way you oriented the pattern. That pendant is a winner for sure.

 on: Today at 06:01:10 PM 
Started by jerrysg - Last post by vitzitziltecpatl
Good to hear the grooving bit works so well. What brand did you use? That's a great alternative to glue-on bails.

 on: Today at 05:14:42 PM 
Started by Redrummd - Last post by hummingbirdstones
Excellent tip, Michael.  Thank you!

 on: Today at 05:09:48 PM 
Started by Bluetangclan - Last post by hummingbirdstones
I think you did a fabulous job with it!  Not sucky at all.  She will love it!

 on: Today at 04:19:05 PM 
Started by Redrummd - Last post by Ryaly2dogs
Great post, I am going out to the garage this evening to switch blade around to see if misting and sparking observations are eliminated.

 on: Today at 04:13:16 PM 
Started by Ryaly2dogs - Last post by Ryaly2dogs
Sorry for delays in responding.  Been up to my elbows busy packing, watering down my house, and listening to evacuation alerts from the Thomas Fire over the past week.  Living in Carpinteria, we have been on voluntary evac alert for 4 days, experiencing power outages but have not yet been evacuated (fingers crossed). I am currently watching the fire from my bedroom window; they have had phosgene bombers and water drops via helicopter hitting some flare ups most all day but it lingers on.  Air quality is really bad. Went to Ventura today for breakfast and to enjoy 60 minutes of fresh air.  Going back for dinner with my family this evening for same; after 4 days of breathing this crap my lungs feel like a heavy smoker must.  Fire is about 250,000 acres and we are destroying air quality in 3 is a monster. Those firefighters are currently working their tails off earning their cushy retirement packages!

To your question, the sphere machine is back up and running.  Ground down two Mexican coconut geodes for fun without any preforming.  Neither came out a perfect sphere so bailed on that effort.  Sphere 4 is in process, done entirely during the Thomas Fire.  It is a honey onyx at ~2.8 inches through 1000 grit shown in photo.  I still need to finish 1000 then go on to 3000 grit which is the last pad I currently own.  Once my order arrives from Taiwan, I aim to polish with 15,000 and then 100,000 grit. I am going to donate this one to my club as a memento when finished as the fire came within about a 5 iron from our club's saw room.

David. (aka Ryaly2dogs)

 on: Today at 04:01:16 PM 
Started by Pusscat - Last post by ILMSteve
The colors are excellent! Great job bringing them out!

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