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Author Topic: Anyone using ProtectaClear to seal your wire-wrapped stones?  (Read 672 times)

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Anyone using ProtectaClear to seal your wire-wrapped stones?
« on: September 21, 2017, 12:00:09 AM »

I'm new to the forum, and am getting into wire-wrapping this summer. I use mostly inexpensive stones like jasper and agate, some labradorite and the like.  I'm curious to know if others are using ProctectaClear on their wire-wrapped stones.  What I'v read elsewhere about the product is all positive, and it's easy to use, and the antiqued copper looks good...  What I'm not all that sure about is the coating the gemstones with this sealer.  They don't "need" sealing...but trying to paint it on the copper wire without touching the stone is impossible, or at least would take a lot more effort than I'm willing to expend on it.  So, I've been dipping the whole piece into the sealer, hanging, and dabbing the bottom gently when excess sealer collects there.  I've been waiting a couple of hours and then repeating.  I'm not unhappy with the result, but still not quite like the idea of sealing the stone.  I'm always afraid to rub/polish stone afterwards, since it would probably dull/scratch the finish.

So anyway, I'm really curious to learn how all you expert wrappers seal your work.  Here are the steps I am taking.  Feedback greatly appreciated!  I've attached a photo of the typical type of stuff I currently doing.

oxidizing with LOS
bathing in baking soda water
rubbing off patina with superfine steelwool
toothbrush to remove steelwool stray pieces
using rotary tool with rubber attachment to shine a few highlights and remove dark patina from hard to reach places
vacuuming residue off
cleaning with denatured alcohol
dipping in sealer
drying for 3 hrs
dipping in sealer again.



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Re: Anyone using ProtectaClear to seal your wire-wrapped stones?
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2017, 07:07:28 AM »

Hi Mae and welcome to the forum!

My question would be why are you sealing something that's been antiqued?  I understand sealing a piece to keep it shiny, but not antiqued.

I see no reason to seal any of my wraps.  Tarnish happens naturally and it can be polished off if you want to keep the piece shiny.  I keep my pieces in ziplock bags to keep the air out if I don't want them to tarnish.  You can also put a tarnish strip in the bag to prevent the inevitable from happening.  Educating your customers on how to take care of the piece to keep it looking like it was the day they bought it is better, in my opinion.  You can also throw in small squares of Sunshine cloth or whatever your favorite polishing cloth is, so your customer can polish the piece themselves.

Eventually that coating is going to wear off in spots if you use it and instead of tarnishing evenly, the piece will tarnish just in those spots that no longer have coating on them.  Just my opinion, but I leave my metal natural.


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Re: Anyone using ProtectaClear to seal your wire-wrapped stones?
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2017, 07:14:08 AM »

Well, that's certainly one approach!  Sure would cut down on a lot of work!!!  I'm not quite sure why I started doing this...something I read, I suppose... I might make a radical change after my first batch! Thank you!!!
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