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Black silk kumihimo braid for my dendritic jade pendant

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Lithicbeads made me this wonderful dendritic jade pendant.  I made an 8 strand black silk kumihimo braid and used one of his little grossular garnet beads as a clasp.  The braid is textured by using thicker strands on 4 of the bobbins and thinner on the other 4. 

Now that is way cool and the clasp is awesome. I need to attempt that. Notice that I said attempt and it will be factory cord melted on the end so it does not unravel. The cord is way way beyond me.

Beautiful and what a clever idea for then clasp.  It works so well together.  Do you have a particular place you like to get your cord from?

I buy silk from the Weaving Works in Seattle.  It comes on spools and you buy as much as you need.  I keep alot of black and white on hand, and can bring stones (and lithicbeads) to match up special colors.  Its yarn-like, about 1 mm - not at all like the Japanese silk that is traditional, but I like the feel when wearing it and its readily available.

I sometimes use embroidery cotton instead of silk. It is shinier, and thinner, which works well if I need more control over the size of the braid.  Some colors are available in spools, which makes it more economical  Just regular DMC cotton.

Thanks!  I want to try kumihimo and see if I can make something that would look ok with the pendants I make.  It would be nice to be able to make braids with complimentary colors to the stone and use those to display the pendants instead of just putting out the pendants.  Providing a sterling chain with each one can get costly and it's been my experience that people already have favorite chains that they already own and use.


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