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International Opal Jewelry Competition- for carved opals

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I really want to share this link.   It is for the international opal carving competition held in Australia every other year.  The last one was in 2013, so next one is next year.   The entries are due sometime in late May or June, competition over by late July I think.   All of the details are there, one page or another.   I want to be sure to put this up early though, because it can really take a while to get your piece ready.   

It is for undulating surface stones.   Carved or cut to maximize opal use.  There are categories for glitzy pieces, more down to earth pieces, finished and set stones, drawings, unset carvings, etc.   The site is pretty easy to navigate, and seems to adequately explain virtually anything you might want to ask.   The show organizers are great to work with.   I have entered pieces twice, and each time with no problems.   Customs can be a bit of a drag...   Unfortunately, you actually have to send your finished piece to them.   Oh well...

In 2011 I entered a ring, it did not place.   In 2013 I entered two pendants, and one got "Highly Recommended".   Woohoo!    :toothy10:   So I got a pretty little framed commendation, which was very nice.   Anyway, then this year the website got updated with information for next year and the pictures of last years pieces.   The one I won recognition for was in the Nine to Five category, called Strawberry Arrow.   It was knapped by a fellow in California, and I did the metal work and entered the piece.   The second piece was in the Prestige Professional Awards category.  So anyway, here is the link, and it really is neat to have such an accessible international competition.

Woohoo indeed! International recognition is always a good thing. We'll be looking forward to seeing your entry this year.

Those photosare beautiful. I can imagine seeing them in person. What talent...Good for you.

Some of those pieces are absolutely amazing!   I too wish I could see them in person.   I've seen some great ones at the Tucson wholesale show.   Of course, seeing them made me want to own them, and that was very very bad.    Some of that stuff costs, like as much as my house!

Great, thank you for the notice.

That might be a super encouragement for me to have a try after the rather long quest on the jade-piece. :toothy10:


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