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first attempt at kumihimo


Made this out of regular embroidery floss, the idea was to try to atch colors with some beads. I need practice picking colors.  Also I am looking for a better nicer string for the braid

These look very nice.  Did you use 8 bobbins?  I started with the beginner's braid using only 4 so I am impressed!

I also use embroidery floss, as it has a range of colors and has a sheen not unlike the traditional Japanese biron. The DMC cotton works well, although it is more matte.  Some colors are available on larger spools, making it economical. I do recognize that some people don't approve of the embroidery floss or cotton, however. 

I generally use a woven silk that is yarn-like.  It is sold for weaving.  Some is a silk-wool blend, which also works nicely. I like the softness of the silk.  I buy it at a weaving shop.  It is sold by the ounce; it comes on large spools and you wind off as much as you like.  I keep alot of the black and white on hand, and the minimum amount required for purchase is quite alot but not very expensive.

I do try to stick to one type of thread for a braid - e.g. not mix cotton and silk, unless I am mixing something in for special effect (e.g. shiny colored floss to offset neutral silk as a background.

Thanks for sharing

I do like to take Lithicbeads with me to the store, stone in hand, to pick out colors.

Wow, you did great on those!  Kudos.   :Worthy:

yes 8 bobbins.  I used the card method which seemed a little mre beginner friendly to me.  will have to see if there is a weaving shop in my neck of the woods


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