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No Fear First fitting of eyes Sept 01

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Ok, lets make this my first post here.

Its my attempted entry for the WJS this year (deadline end of October).

While it started out as an idea about to older girls having fun despite a lifetime of hardship, the turn of events came about 5 weeks ago with seeing the head of a blackbird rather than an angel-face between them and the usual negative symbolism attributed to ravens and crows as carrion-feeders.

Was a bit conflicted, but still went ahead with the birds head in the end, and finally got an idea that seems to fit perfectly to the resulting image a few days ago.

Will either title it "No Fear" or "Who is afraid of black Peter". The second of which, I presume, is something Europeans would understand better as I'm not aware that this children-rhyme and associated superstition has gone into the "New Worlds" :) :)

The idea hence is how people deal with death (the raven representing the proximity of that event). Most people fear death and only make their peace in talking about it as a form of showing off. The immense fear of it is something that often hinders or even paralyzes us from having a fulfilled life. We seem to be driven throughout our life by fear of some sorts of loss, instead of enjoying what we have, to the fullest.

Here now, you got the two girls having a blast and enjoying themselves, even though the end might be nigh.
I placed the hand of the girl on the right, firmly on the wing intentionally, as indication that she is fully aware of whats to come. The wings wrapped around them, basically indicate that there is no escape, and the bird towering above them, that its going to happen rather soon. Yet despite of all that, I want this piece to represent the ability to enjoy and celebrate life as long it is given to us. And that is only possible when free of fear from tomorrow.

The full set of pictures of the progress thus far:

How I think its going to be worn (actually have worn it that way for nearly a month to observe any problems with the design)

And finally now as of a few days ago

Last but not least the one causing all that trouble. :)

Now from here its on to tedious work of polishing out all the nooks and crannies!
Best regards, Kurt

Oh my gosh, that is AWESOME!!!    I want to be you when I grow up!!!!! :headbang:

Where you get that imagination, Kurt, is beyond me.  That carving is perfect and totally awesome! 


I'm amazed. My wife is amazed .
 Here in the american northwest ravens are held in great esteem  and I dearly love the pair that have live on my property for 13 years . Just when I thought they were getting too old to breed ( they were very stressed out in last years drought ) they fledged two young ravens this year.A thousand eggs from our birds and many carcasses of old birds helped.
  That is a piece to remember , thank you.

Thank you for the kind assessment.

Frank; I was playing with the idea on North American logic (bringer of light) for the past month. But while I really love Indian folk-lore (since my childhood), attaching that reasoning for the piece simply did not feel right for me as I'm simply to far removed from that culture. Same with Norse mythology!

Love ravens and find them fascinating; always did. Even though, one gave me the fright of my life, once.  :icon_sunny:

Was maybe about 16 at the time and following one of my favorite past-times at the time. Wandering the forests for mushrooms. Was on the way for hours, alone as usual, everything is still, and just the usual muted sounds of the forest. Suddenly that raven takes off from just above my head with a loud complain. I swear that thing looked at the time like double my size and the sound louder than thunder. I ran for a good half a kilometer, shaking like mad, till I finally composed myself.  :laughing4: :angel9:


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