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Sept 02, new opal WIP

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A few months ago. I was gifted some opals for carving, and after cleaning up as far as I dared, I left them sit for a while. Last week, I started digging into a piece that seemed good for practice and dug out all the dirt I could get at.

Now, I'm left with what I call an Australian Swiss Cheese!

After some more cleaning up and basic polish, this is what I'm looking at:

And here once more, back and front and up-side down for good meassure

It turned out a crazy shape and needs some more actual cleaning after going maybe another round or two at polishing. Its chaotic, and fire covers most surfaces from one angle or another, plus comes in at 20ct. Like it, that one will surely remain mine!

Yipie, my first opal done! Finally!

Thanks for looking, Kurt

Love the piece!   I have some swiss cheese, and some swiss cheese to be as well.   Just haven't managed to make myself go in there and work it out.

I also love it, Kurt! Have never carved anything, but seeing your piece here makes me think I'll have to try it someday.

Congratulations on your first opal carving!   :notworthy:  I have cut many opals, but I have never actually sat down and tried to carve one yet.  I, too, have some swiss cheese pieces of LR opal that are waiting patiently for me to get the bug to actually try to carve something.

Excellent job on the carving, Kurt!  I like it A LOT!   :icon_sunny:

Thank you for the kind words. :blob1:

Just like with Fire Agate, don't really see it as a carving.
All I did was, removing the loose muck and opening the view of the crystal really.
The resulting shape is entirely given by nature. :icon_sunny:


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