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Teaching at Camp Paradise


I just got back from teaching lapidary at Camp Paradise. The camp is located in the Sierras 40 miles northeast of Marysville, CA and is sponsored by the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies. It is a two week program where people can take classes on silver smithing, lapidary, casting, chain maile making, bead work, fused glass, ming tree making, wire wrapping and other related activities. Fortunately, I had a friend as an assistant because there were a lot of students that wanted lapidary instruction. We taught lapidary from very basic lapidary up through advanced lapidary including some carving work on cabs with inside curves, making doublets and opal cabbing . We were on our feet all day long bouncing from student to student. There were 7 Genies on hand with two of them belonging to students who wanted to learn how use their machines. Diamond Pacific provided a demo machine and two brand new machines. I had two of mine there for the student's use. The diamond Pacific machines were sold off as used machines at the end of the two weeks. It was a lot of fun watching the newbies go WOW as their first cabs were completed. The weather was pleasant and the food and comraderie was super.

that would be awesome attending a camp like that and help people!

That sounds like a lot of fun not only for the students but also those teaching. Should imagine you need a holiday yourself now!


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