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Stone, wood and brass


No general rocks board here so I guess these are sculptures. E-cig holders or displays that I have been working on (off and on) for the last six months.

The wood is aromatic cedar which at one point had my eyes swollen almost shut from the dust. I gave the leftover wood away because I am not real fond of my eyes swelling shut. If I make more there will be a wood change. When I was getting close to finished I found a bunch of brass corner protectors in a basket at Ace Hardware marked 75% off. I bought all they had along with some brass strips, hinges (decorative) and knobs. Should be enough to keep me busy for quite a while.

To attach the stones I just put on the second coat of varnish and stuck the stones in the wet varnish. They are stuck really good.

I have finished 15 and have one larger one still in the works. Next step is to get them to Billings to a smoke shop that is looking for something to use as displays. Gunna make her an offer she can't refuse.

The first is the only one that does not have a stone on it.

These were a lot of fun to make but there probably won't be many more. I haven't totally finished a cab or anything else for a long time so I have a large backlog of those plus I have another idea in the works that has been on my mind for two or three years. Time ta git er done I think.

i like these, pretty cool actually.

Nice work Jim. You have been really busy. Keep posting  as these posts have been excellent.

People are probably going to want the display stands too :headbang:


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