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Whitby England Jet pendant cab with natural bark texture

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I just received a preformed piece of Whitby England Jet through the mail. The preform was a bit non-symmetrical so I refined it, (it is still about the same shape as the original). I did not want to shape it to much because this jet is very brittle and the edges started chip. I did use a fine diamond grit wheel to refine outline of the preform. The rest was worked by hand with fine sand paper up to 2500. The final polish was done with ZAM on a very soft cotton wheel, with a very soft pressure/touch. I really like the natural bark imprint on the surface of the cab. I will use a glue on bail for this cab, because jet is a nightmare to drill, very brittle. I want to hang it on a braided black leather cord. Eric.

There is something mysterious about that cab, it just draws you in.   I really, really like it.   I have some jet, never tried cutting it.    Don't know where it is from.   I just might have to go dig that hunk out...

Looks interesting. :occasion14:
 If turned around , it reminds me of icicles at night. :) :)

Looks like an icy aurora!   :headbang:
If it's quite brittle Eric you might consider backing the stone with something for added protection - like a layer of good strong epoxy.

I was thinking of backing it. I have to figure out what I want to back it with. Eric.


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