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I hound and collect Ammonite fossils in Montana.. Finally had this guy polished up, by my Uncle.. He is top Dog when polishing Ammonites... He has a few of his Ammonite fossils in the Smithsonian in DC..


Photos do it no justice though.. The Ammolite has lots of reds, oranges, yellows and greens..

This Ammonite is a Placenticeras meeki Boehm from the Bearpaw Shale of central Montana... Average 175,000,000 years old...

Very nice. I especially like the way the suture pattern has been highlighted..

OMG that is gorgeous!   :Worthy:

Oh, I wish we could see the colors you describe. I know that is very hard to photo. They are very large and have been cleaned/polished so well to show the great patterns, that is for sure!


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