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Auraucaria fossilized pinecone? - seeking more information.

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While this post can conceivably fit in the name this mineral section, I wanted to ask the experts that frequent this area whether the attached photos of a recent acquisition are indeed an old world fossilized pinecone and slice of the same.  I acquired the pieces from a recently announced (and ongoing) sale from Stewart's Jewelry in Yucca Valley, CA from proprietor George.  George is a fine man, a veteran, and desires to exit the business and hit the road and see America via RV (envious!).  He has all sorts of old world materials in several rock piles and amongst other neat finds I wanted a second opinion on this one that I brought home with me.

I've looked over some posts and see a lot of Auraucaria Mirabilis in Patagonia but they are generally not red colored.  Might this be a pinecone as well but perhaps sourced from a different area?  Apologize in advance for the marginal photo quality.  Thanks for your opinions.

I am not a fossil guy (not that I don't love them).  I am always in question of things I don't know especially having been had by the less than scrupulous seller on occasion.  In looking online at the species of pine cone they all have a very distinct shape that this one lacks.  Besides color, it may well be a pine cone of another variety.  I see what looks like cell structure in a couple of spots and in other areas it looks like almost sagenitic growth.  I wish Walt Wright was on our forum, he is the tree (and cone) god in my eyes and is a wealth of knowledge.  I bought some ferns in Quartzsite that I showed to him and he immediately gave me the age genus and area of brazil they came from along with way more info than one brain should contain.  I might be able to get his number from a friend.

I do question the sort of random exterior, that looks more of a crystaline growth to me.  Looks very similar to Red Crystal matrix I have seen in Utah from near Yellow Cat.  I will include a screenshot of one of the Utah Nodules, very similar.  I believe they are an agate after barite.  Sandsave might be able to shed some light from that region.

While it's good-looking material, I have to agree that it looks crystaline rather than fossil. The bottom stone especially shows this with no defined core.  Enjoy the material, though, it is beautiful.

As always, appreciate your thoughts and experience in these matters.  Mine does look very much like the Red Crystal material sourced from Utah that you posted a photo of.  I must say I am disappointed because finding a good size fossil pinecone is a Holy Grail of sorts when I hound rock piles, along with a few other bucket list materials.

That would be great.


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