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That's all folk, wait for the lavender jade.

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Flying Shaman.  Astral planing on mushrooms. :icon_rr:

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I love them all. Keep up the good work and you are right not everything needs a mirror polish.  Skeletons are not my thing, even tho I live in New Mexico with it's day of the dead art, but all of your figures have great appeal. 

R.U. Sirius:
Thank you for sharing, those are all very interesting. It'd be nice to learn more about the tools you're using, and how you use them.

Thank you both for such encouraging comments.  I really appreciate it, especially saying they have appeal, we all want to hear words like that.  Working on this scale is new to me.  I have been carving large pieces of granite and other hard stones for a few years now , with angle grinders and traditional stone masons tools. I will show some examples.  There is a cross over but small scale work ie lapidary is different.  I use quite basic tools.  I have looked all over the net at lapidary tools but they are all far way out of my budget in cost.  I find polishing most difficult with small scale work.  On large work you can get many flexible diamonds discs down to 6000 and away you go.  Hopefully tomorrow when I have time I will show the tools I use most but I'm sure you use the same or even better so it could be interesting. 

Here are the tools I use.  I also use a diamond tile saw or large angle grinder to get a piece of stone off the host rock to start the work.  Then it is what you see.  70mm Bosch mini grinder, runs very fast, keep your fingers  clear :thumbsup:.  Bosch, Dremel tool {Bosch own Dremel   :idea1:} batteries fit the grinder too.  The most useful grinder is the Proxxon 50mm grinder fitted with a 50mm Arbotech diamond blade that really cuts but has a 2mm kerf. The long neck gives the ability to almost draw with it. The Proxxon 50mm blade is a thin electro plated thing that is not as aggressive but still useful to have in the tool box for surface smoothing.  Then the world conquering Chinese diamond burs, 2 sets of cheap electro plated ones and a set of more expensive sintered burs which are great.  Some tiny dental burs which I think are also sintered but not sure.  Files of various grit, needle files, polishing pads and a bowl of water to dip the stone in.   :coffee1:

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