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Lavender Jade


Just finished this piece of Guatemalan Lavender jade.  I like the mottled colour.  I have imported jade and nephrite via a well known auction/selling site on the web.  I do this as I either have to buy finished cut stone or rubbish stone from some craft beads sites in the UK, which is over priced and not really suitable carving.  I have never bought any stone from China via the afore mentioned source.  Has anybody bought stone from China this way?  Can anyone thick of better sources of stone I can import?  Here is my lavender piece which I am quite happy with except I see a few lumps on it and I could have shaped the bells a little better but I was feeling unsure how much pressure to apply for fear of brakeage.  Total length 40mm.

lav2a.jpg (176.47 kB . 500x490 - viewed 113 times)
lav3a.jpg (139.95 kB . 382x500 - viewed 113 times)
lav4a.jpg (147.97 kB . 500x460 - viewed 113 times)
lav5a.jpg (143.24 kB . 357x500 - viewed 112 times)
lav6a.jpg (149.28 kB . 401x500 - viewed 111 times)
lav1a.jpg (178.57 kB . 500x495 - viewed 115 times)

Lots of people are getting excellent lavender jadeite from central America.


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