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Tony’s rock pile 8-31-21

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Stopped by Tony’s rock pile a couple weeks ago, picked up some nice sphere material and a old saw to rebuild..

If your close to Tony’s place it’s worth stopping by!!!

R.U. Sirius:
For us uninitiated, where is the pile, and how do we get in touch with Tony?

How large is that Owyhee picture jasper?

Picture Jasper is 4", Tony's is catmandew on this forum. His place is in Gooding, Id.

Yeah, Tony's place should be at the top of any lapidary list of places to visit.

That last Pilbarra (I think) sphere is amazing!

Let me attest to the fact that Jay (Sandsave) has more fun digging through rock piles than just about anyone I've ever met.  And there is a lot of digging to do at Tonys place!!  These piles are just a fraction of what is on the property.
JayAtTonys by Karl Camp, on Flickr
TonysRockPiles by Karl Camp, on Flickr

I won't bore you guys with the dozens of photos I took, but I do believe the saw that Jay took home is in this photo.
Saws by Karl Camp, on Flickr


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