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R.U. Sirius:
I found this odd piece as I was looking for petrified wood in North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton.

It feels heavy and hard, much like typical silicified wood in here, but the shape and internal folds and cavities make me think it came from an animal of some sort.

Does anyone recognize what this might be?

Very cool!

Looks like opalized wood or bone.

It is a tooth, most likely a camel or horse, the left side of your image are the tooth roots and the right is the grinding surface.  I have found teeth of that same shape in the Mojave near Tehachapi where 3 toed horses and Camels used to live.  Here is a link to North american Fossil horse teeth:  https://i.etsystatic.com/12754884/r/il/a448bc/1098889846/il_680x540.1098889846_c209.jpg

Also when looking at the camel teeth remember that just like humans they have a variety of teeth just like we have molars and incisors.  So not all a species teeth will look like this.

You can also see in this 2nd link which shows the grinding end of these Horse teeth in this example.  https://www.fossilera.com/fossils/3-25-pleistocene-aged-fossil-horse-tooth-south-carolina

R.U. Sirius:
Steve, thank you, this definitely looks like a tooth.


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