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Vulcan Jade and a Poppy Jasper sphere


Another few recent spheres to post.  First is a Flower Jade that is partially vulcanized which also adds to its name as a Flower Vulcan Jade, which comes out of Porterville, CA.  The flowers I am told are likely oxidized iron inclusions, and the "vulcan" portion was related to high heat during formation, which also gives it sorts of a sheen in certain lighting as well.  It was exceedingly hard and forced me to use a friends higher powered Fireball 2-headed machine after 4 days of futilely grinding on my lower powered 3-headed machine with little to show for it.

Second is the getting harder to find Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, took me 2 years to find rough large enough and at an affordable price to get a sphere out of it.  Been working on some Hornitos Poppy Jasper spheres as well from a nice rough piece I recently acquired at the Culver City show from Jeff Lines.  Hope all are doing well out there.   

R.U. Sirius:
Beautiful! Did poppy jasper survive on its own, or did you have to stabilize the rough first?

DANG!  Both of those are gorgeous, but that Vulcan Jade - I'm speechless!


Eddie P:
Great to see you keeping up the good work.  These are both gorgeous.


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