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A couple more spheres...


First is Fish Eye Agate just completed today, fun busy sphere with LOTS of orbs - might have to redo the polish on that one as crystals from the vug popped out during polish and did some scratching.  Second is Plasma Agate from our trip last weekend to Clear Creek showing some nice red Cinnabar; and finally an Indonesian Palm Root Agate sphere from rough I have had hanging around since Quartzsite in January.

 Amazing , thanks.

Great spheres, I have never appreciated the plasma much as a cutter.  The fisheye is interesting and nice completion.  Always love Palm root.  I was searching every show and hard to come by and then had a collection dropped in my lap from a person whose love was palm root.  So many varieties and colors but so unique and one of the more fascinating petrified materials besides Coral.  Kudos on some lovely spheres. 

R.U. Sirius:
That Fish Eye agate wants to be a pudding stone...

Eddie P:
Rich and diverting compositions brought to life. Well done!


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