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Author Topic: Using a Paper/Fabric cutting machine to prep metal clay  (Read 3057 times)

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Using a Paper/Fabric cutting machine to prep metal clay
« on: April 29, 2019, 09:12:54 AM »

I've been doing some research into metal clay resources to price out what starting in this area would be.  Came across a really interesting (newish) development: using a Silhouette Curio or Cricut machine to cut thin sheets of dried metal clay to create intricate designs.  Both the machine types can use computer designs, and images, as a guide to cutting (which really interested me:  makes it easier to develop new patterns).  And the newest Curio also does some basic engraving/embossing functions. 
If you are interested check it out:


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Re: Using a Paper/Fabric cutting machine to prep metal clay
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 08:09:44 AM »

For some reason, I am only now seeing this posting.
Yes, these machines are nice - if you can afford them.

The trick is to use the right type of metal clay.  You have to use the formulas that are flexible when dry such as PMC Flex, or the paper sheet types.

Last time I priced out Cricut machines was when I was working at Michaels, and I haven't worked there in over 11 years now.  Unless they have seriously reduced the cost of one of these machines, I don't see the technique being available to most metal clay artists.  I don't know of to many people that have an extra $200 - $350 to spend however they wish, unless of course they are actually making money selling their jewelry and a have a good paying job.  Some folks do well in their jewelry businesses.  However I've been talking to a lot of people online and the trend seems to be that few of them are doing well with their businesses over the past couple years. 

I closed my Artfire shop almost a year ago.  I was spending more to keep it open than I was making from the site.  The lack of sales was one of the reasons I grabbed a new full-time job 2.5 years ago.  Thankfully, it pays decently - however, even with decent pay, I cannot justify the expenditure when I no longer have my business.

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