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Title: Quartzite
Post by: Jhon P on January 18, 2018, 05:52:41 AM
Was at Quartzite for a few days. Met up with Jay (Sandsave) his wife and Doug. Spent way too much money but got some very nice rough. Had a good visit with Orrum, he invited us to go on a field trip but
Run into a problem at the meeting area. I will let Jay tell that story. I didn’t take too many photos. I will have to post them after I do a resizing.
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: irockhound on January 18, 2018, 12:09:55 PM
Yeah, due to my wife's dog shows schedule - (every weekend from mid December to mid March) I could only make it Tuesday and yesterday down to Qsite. 
First day was a bit of a bust with a lot of spots tarped and a few good deals.  Yesterday was awesome.  I got some amazing deals on some top grade Yellow and large cell bones.  A couple of the all yellow  and red cell bones were about 5" x 3" and I got them for about 30 each.  I got one large (6"x5.75") Green and Red cell bone for $30!  There was even a Kentucky Agate collector there pruning his hoard after 50 years of collecting and I scored 5 with 2 of them with Sagenite sprays.  I met Catmandewe at his both and while there another from the forum popped in.  There were 2 booths, one in desert gardens and on in Pow wow that were some eastern Europeans selling cut cabs of every flavor with multiple trays each of Pietersite, Charoite, Seraphinite, Larimar and other cabs for $5 each.  There were some really great cabs there and for $5 each well you can't lose money.  I will end up re-cutting some because I like crisper edges but great material. Fast trip but saw a lot of friends and got some swingin deals.
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: Sandsave on January 20, 2018, 07:01:42 AM
I'll say trouble! If anyone remembers last time jhon and I went rockhounding I got stuck in the river for 5-6 hours. This trip I was signing up to go rockhounding with a local quartzite group, my truck was parked on the another side of the road and some jacka$$ backed into it doing about 20 mph! Took out the front end and into the A/C cooler, another day of rockhounding I owe Jhon.
I was able to get back to Utah without A/C lol.
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: ToTheSummit on January 20, 2018, 07:03:12 AM
This is the first time in 6 years I haven't been there for the PowWow weekend and Tonys BBQ.  But I'm in the midst of a gun-buying frenzy this month and decided to save my money this year.  Its not like I don't still have gobs of rough to work on from years past, its just sad not to replenish my stocks with new rocks.  Anyway, you all enjoy it for me this year...wife and I are off to the gun range this morning.
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: Jhon P on January 20, 2018, 12:38:32 PM
My sister and brother in law met us there. He has little interest in rocks but found a vender sell gun stuff at the prospector thing and bought a muzzle loading rifle and a black powdered pistol
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: irockhound on January 22, 2018, 09:53:03 AM
Thought I would throw in some pics of the $5 cabs they were selling.  The Chrysocolla cab with a chip I showed to him and said if he didn't want it I would re-cut it so he gave it to me.  The Charoite and Seraphinite was very good quality with deep color and great fibers.
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: 55fossil on January 22, 2018, 11:44:33 AM
    Wowser... Pietersite and Charoite are killer for $5.   I cannot touch a good slab for $30. Now I know why I cannot sell some of my cabs for a decent price. Glad you got a great deal, that is what Quartzite is about.
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: Michael on January 22, 2018, 09:33:33 PM
Was this at QIA or Desert Gardens?  I was there this last weekend, and did not find any of this, other than Seraphanite, (2nd Qualiity, at best) the Russian guy, but he had some biggo Serahanite slabs that were fantastic.  Found some purple jade for a good price. 
Title: Re: Quartzite
Post by: irockhound on January 24, 2018, 10:27:09 PM
Desert Gardens and the QIA both had this dealer, brother team with one in each show.  At both locations they had out at any time 3 or 4 riker trays of each material in the $5 cabs, then they had another few trays of each in $10 cabs, didn't really look at the $20 cab selection but they had those too. They had a huge array of other stones too.  I just fixated on the stones I mentioned. A dealer friend said I should have just bought the whole trays and flip them, I guess if I was after the money it would make sense.  In QIA he was about 2 rows away from building on West center of show or going from the West edge I think he was 3rd row (The Agate Shop being in the first row)