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Author Topic: New to me vintage tools, setting up for cab/pendant work  (Read 426 times)

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New to me vintage tools, setting up for cab/pendant work
« on: May 01, 2018, 09:35:42 PM »

I recently picked up these vintage tools and am excited to start lapidary!  My goal is to make pendants and cabs from local rocks (mainly quartz/agate family).

These machines are in working order, though it's been several years since they were used.  I intend to give them all a light restoration this summer.

Here's what I have...

Craftsman "flat lap" horizontal grinder (Could also be set up as a saw but missing the arm/clamp?)
lap craftsman.jpg
*lap craftsman.jpg (48.61 kB . 459x250 - viewed 183 times)
Lortone TS-8 rock saw (rail/clamp attachment is for cutting small slabs?)
lap 2 saw.jpg
*lap 2 saw.jpg (74.38 kB . 504x526 - viewed 178 times)
Rock Rascal Model T saw/grinder
lap 3 rascal.jpg
*lap 3 rascal.jpg (47.89 kB . 323x278 - viewed 142 times)
Lortone SA-8 lapidary arbor (currently with wide rubber drums)
lap 5 arbor.jpg
*lap 5 arbor.jpg (22.33 kB . 280x216 - viewed 167 times)
Lortone SA-6 lapidary arbor (currently with wide rubber drums)
lap 4 arbor.jpg
*lap 4 arbor.jpg (20.46 kB . 254x200 - viewed 156 times)
Taylor Lock Co. buffer/polisher
lap 6 buffer.jpg
*lap 6 buffer.jpg (31.05 kB . 232x255 - viewed 138 times)

How would you prepare these as a set (as far as blades, type/grit of wheels, etc.)?  I'd also appreciate knowing if there is any redundancy here- tools that don't really add capability to the set.  I appreciate your insight!



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Re: New to me vintage tools, setting up for cab/pendant work
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2018, 04:46:09 AM »

Hey, you are in business with a good although basic assortment of tools.
The rubber wheels on the arbor are hopefully expand wheels that make it easy to change belts for different grits.  With the right array of belts, 100, 200, 280, 600, 1200  . .  . you can cab away. I'd start out with Sic belts (cheap), but when you are well oriented you may want to go to aluminum oxide or diamond belts (both a bit spendier).  They could be the old thumper wheels (slit and cam mechanism to allow attachment of strips of sand paper instead of belts). If so you'll probably want to replace them.    having a two wheel arbor instead of a larger cab machine with more wheels saves you bench space, and in my eyes meets nearly all your needs.
The Rock Rascal might seem redundant at first, but you will find uses for it if you have the room to keep it. I run oil in my big saw and keep the rock rascal for water (for when I want to cut porous material or don't want oil on a stone). You may want to put a thin blade on the RR and use a heavier sturdier blade on your larger saw.
You will have no need to saw with the flat lap, but it will be handy for polishing flats, but that will entail buying a set of disks for it (ideally you could cab on it it). 
BTW its good to see a homemade belt guard on the Rock Rascal.  Too many of them have the belt exposed and fingers quite vulnerable to injury in that belt.  Pay attention to belts - they eat fingers.  Enjoy good times playing with your equipment
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