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Author Topic: photo box  (Read 558 times)

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photo box
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:40:57 AM »

from what i've read somewhere and my added tweek.......

take a large square box (banana box from grocery store is best), paint ALL the inside matt black.
then find a piece of black velvet to lay on your table.   cut larger than the size of the box bottom with *extra all around . 
flip the box over it. now you have a fully enclosed black box.  where the bottom whole is - cut an "X" from the corners of the  hole.  fold theses and tuck under the box.
take your picture from the hole in the bottom of the box.  a flash is needed.  the matt black should absorb most of the flash if not all of it to reduces the glare. 
velvet (is best but not necessary) is a rich black color and a btch to keep clean so keep it rolled up not folded (it creases) when not in use.  personally i would omit the paint and line the whole box with velvet using glue or staples or pins to keep the velvet on. 

another option is: 

paint the box matt black.  cut off one of the shorter sides. so now you have a box sitting upright on your table with one side cut off.  discard the cutoff cardboard. 
find a (thin material) white umbrella to hang/suspend over the box. 
using spot lamp(s) aim through the umbrella towards the item  (aim lamp at various distances from the umbrella material lets in "so much light").   the white umbrella diffuses the light. 
the black absorbs more of the flash but gives enough light to take pictures. 
you could tweek the set up by adding more umbrellas with more lights depending on your angle of shots taken. 
you may have to build a 2x4" frame over the box to screw on the lamps and maybe another much larger box to fasten the umbrellas on for a more permanent setup. 

*try adding various sized small boxes underneath the velvet to raise the item so that angle and depth shots can be taken.  make sure you take into count the *extra material you will need when cutting the material the first time around (see above) for any boxes you may want to add at a later date.

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