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Prineville Pow-wow

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This is usually a good one. Anyone planning to go?

  Cannot wait....  I will be leaving some Deer Sky jasper and a lot of plume agate with a friend to sell there. That way I can go spend my time spending money and going ooooh.......

I was trying to make the trip from San Diego but my family reminded me about Father's Day weekend.  :dontknow:

I usually try to go, as it is only an hour's drive. Usually some nice stuff that's new to me, and a bit less crowded than the Madras show. The Bear Creek field trip looks tempting this year - hopefully some nice wood exposed after the late rains this year. We usually have relatives visiting from hotter climes during the summer, so can never plan on being there on a certain day. Sometimes, however, I can even get one or two of them to go along :wink:

One of these years I'll make it! But the show dates match up with the first four dates of our summer camping season and I can never get a day off :P


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