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Author Topic: cutting oil  (Read 4646 times)

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Re: cutting oil
« Reply #30 on: October 14, 2017, 09:38:36 AM »

i paid $20 for a gallon name brand lapidary oil.  don't know what's in it, it doesn't say what the oil is.  i'm told stay away from transmission oil since you cannot guarantee what's in it.  even told to stay away from mineral oil too.  just told it's mist is not healthy.  i figure that if your going to use any oil do the research.  if unsure don't buy or use it until you do know.  there will always be people telling you what they think is good or not.  do the research and always always keep safety i mind. 

Mineral oil is baby oil. It's the same thing you put on your children, and if ingested, is just a laxative. Whoever told you it was bad is crazy. It's the healthiest choice out there.  And it lasts forever, just drain and filter regularly and you can reuse over and over.... and it's NOT a hazardous waste product that requires special disposal. I buy from the same source at $12 gallon as already posted here. Also, I showed the price to my local vet supply and they started selling to me as the same price.

as far as the mist issue? yes I wait a minute or two, but I also learned years ago to add a little Bardahl Anti-smoke oil from the automotive store and it helps keep the mist down quite a bit.
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