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Title: Tumbled Biscuits!
Post by: irockhound on January 15, 2021, 07:31:55 PM
Well I have a ton of nodules from the Texas ranches and when I get home I spend hours scrubbing them and looking at them with a loupe searching for clues of what's inside.  I identify all the known Bouquets and put them in one bag and all the black plume and put it in a 2nd bag then put the bags in the bucket with the rest of the nodules and to the side yard till needed.  I have tons of the nodules that I couldn't find any clues - not to say it isn't in there though, I just couldn't see any to justify separating them.  So what to do?  Hundreds of nodules per bucket and many many buckets, can't test cut them all can I?  The rinds on the nodules make it so you just can't see what is going on inside them.  So what I have started doing is loading up a 12 lb barrel with them and a tablespoon and a half or so of 60/90 and let'em rip.  First barrel I pulled out maybe 15 or so Bouquet this way, 2nd barrel I got 2 and a bunch of black plumes.  Makes it great though since I can narrow down the search without gluing and cutting each.  Also it makes enough window that I can also often tell the direction of the plume.  It isn't perfect though.  I had one today I pulled out looked at and looked like a nothing.  It had a layer of green on the bottom and was long and thin.  I took a hammer and broke it in 2 and yep, bouquet in the very bottom layer, I'll trim saw it and see what  I can save.  Great time a saw saver though to add to the high-grading process.  I glued up some from the first barrel today and in the next couple days I see what I got once they are sliced.
Title: Re: Tumbled Biscuits!
Post by: vitzitziltecpatl on January 16, 2021, 02:56:09 PM
Wow. I didn't realize how difficult it was to find and orient pieces like those you've posted here. That makes 'em even more special.
Title: Re: Tumbled Biscuits!
Post by: irockhound on January 17, 2021, 12:52:24 AM
Yeah they can be a puzzle at times and just when you think you have it you cut the wrong direction thru the plumes and some I call Candelabra plumes, normally a thicker biscuit and the base of the plume is the top of the nodule hanging like a bat in a cave.  Lol  still happens just not as often.  You learn what the outside clues mean the more time you spend on them.  There are some that are just confetti inside and some that are like marshmallow plume that is just puffy spots that don't have real form.  The crazy ones are from the Mesa and they look like solid Black agate, cut them open and the black is a thin outer layer and the center can be blue or clear and sometime black all the way thru.  I end up high grading the high grades at times and on 2nd thought go what was I thinking on this one.