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Author Topic: Health & Safety Info Sheet Field Trip - Collecting Equipment  (Read 196 times)

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Health & Safety Info Sheet Field Trip - Collecting Equipment .....some ideas, please feel free to add to this list.

 Mineralogist's / Geologist’s / Prospector’s / Mason’s / Rock hammer
This is the most important piece of + the one you really need for rockhounding.
- Blunt on one end, pointed on the other - harder & more tempered than an ordinary hammer.
- Please do not use an ordinary hammer - will break/splinter too easily - hence, dangerous.
Crack hammer + larger sledge hammer
Chisels / Cold chisels
Picks - large, small, dental
Wedges & Mauls
Pry bars
Screwdriver (slot)
Utility knife
Pen knife (Swiss army type)
Putty knife (springy)
Paintbrushes (soft & stiff)
Shovel (pointed)
Magnifying glass; loupe
Portable microscope
Label all your gear + make the gear “bright” - easier to find & identify you as the owner.
Flashlight (small & hi-intensity)
Gold Pan
Metal Detector
Rock cutter
Portable UV lamp
Tool bag, tool belt, buckets, backpacks, etc - multiple - one for tools, one for specimens, etc
Specimen bags or containers; Egg cartons (good for small specimens)
Wrapping material (such as, newspaper - for fragile specimens)
Masking or Adhesive Tape (labeling specimens)

Identification ...please feel free to dd to this list, mary..

Journal / Notebook; along with pens, pencils, markers
Clear Plastic Ruler (measuring your specimens)
Rock & Minerals Guide(s) & Reference Books
Rock & Mineral Test Kit
Don’t forget your maps!
Mohs Scale of Hardness Set
When off and really off the Beaten Track
Maps (road, geology, topography, etc); Compass; GPS; Binoculars
Altimeter and Survival kit (if really off road)

50% rockhound and 50% wire wrap
       ='s one great pendant
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