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Author Topic: MORE Field Trips AND Past Field Trips added ontario, canada  (Read 292 times)

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MORE Field Trips sorry if this is a duplicate....mary

Spring 2018
1) Hungry Hollow Quarry, Ausable River, near Arkona, ON - Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mid-Devonian Hamilton Group - Onondaga Escarpment fossils
- by in-advance permission only - co-hosted with London Gem & Mineral Society
- Bob O’Donnell (London) is planning a possible 3 additional dates for 2018.
- possibility that there may be a trip planned for Saturday, June 2
Please note that we are trying to work on a “season pass” for seasoned collectors who want to go based on their schedules vs club field trip schedules. We’ll keep you updated.

2) Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, NY - Saturday thru Monday, May 19-21, 2018 (Victoria Day weekend)

Cambro-Ordovician Herkimer Diamonds & stromatolites (+ other minerals & fossils)
- co-hosted by Niagara & Brantford Lapidary & Mineral Society
- 2 other trips - Wayne County (NY) Gem & Mineral Club will also be going to Herkimer on:
- Saturday, March 31 (Easter weekend)
- & Saturday thru Monday, May 26-28 (Memorial Day weekend) (plus Hickory Hill diggings - approx 45 minutes east of Herkimer, NY)
Please note that Ace of Diamonds Mine did not have a fire last fall - it was the Herkimer Diamond Mine just down the road, across from the KOA campground.
Please also note that you will need a passport or an enhanced driver’s licence to cross the border.

Summer 2018
3) Ridgemount Quarry, Ridgemount, ON - Friday, June 29, 2018 from 9 am ‘til 2 pm

Bertie Formation-Upper Silurian + Bois Blanc Formation-Lower Devonian fossils

4) Ridgemount “South” Quarry, Ridgemount, ON - Friday, June 29, 2018 from 2 pm ‘til 5 pm

Mid-Devonian Hamilton Group-Edgecliff Member - Onondaga Escarpment fossils
partially KID-FRIENDLY - need to be 14 years or older

5) Bancroft environs, River Valley & Cobalt, ON - Saturday, July 14 to Friday July 20, 2018

Grenville Province & Archean minerals
- approx 4 days in Lanark County-Bancroft & 3 days for River Valley-Temagami-Cobalt
- July 14 to 17 - hosted by Wayne County (NY) Gem & Mineral Club - not a Niagara club trip
- hence, by permission only & limited participant numbers
- July 18 to 20 - co-hosted by Wayne County & Niagara
- itinerary for co-hosted portion - open to all CCFMS club members
Wednesday, July 18 - Sherman Mine BIF, Temagami
Thursday, July 19 - River Valley garnets
Friday, July 20 - Cobalt silver including Silverfields & Mensilvo Mines - with lots of exploring
tagging onto the last part of the Wayne County field trip - open to all CCFMS club members

6) Northern environs - Temagami, Kirkland Lake, & Gowgonda, ON - Saturday, July 21 thru Wednesday/Thursday, July 25/26, 2018

Archean minerals & Pleistocene glacial
sites: Temagami pyrite mine, Kirkland Lake BIF site, Kirkland Lake gold sites, Kirkland Lake glacial sites, Gowganda silver sites
KID-FRIENDLY NPGS Niagara Peninsula Geological Society Field Trip Info Sheet 2018 Field Trip Schedule - as of May 2018

Past Field Trips
ideas of what to look up if your interested in going to these areas...
1979 ~ Ottawa Valley
1980 ~ Sudbury, Cobalt, Gowganda, North Bay
•   The trip of the famous Chapman silver find
1981 ~ Circle Superior
•   Iron mines of Upper Michigan, copper mines of the Keewanaw
•   Thomsonite in Minnesota, amethyst, fluorite at Rossport
•   Iron mines in Wawa, smoky quartz
1982 ~ Two trips
•   Maine and New Hampshire
•   Tourmaline, beryl, radioactives, fluorapatite, other exotics
•   learned our lesson to do research and scouting beforehand
•   Northern Ontario and Quebec
•   Moly, bismutinite, arsenopyrite, pyrite, gold, soapstone, asbestos, silver, beryl, spodumene
1983 ~ Upper Ottawa Valley
•   Spinel, amazonite, Greeley quartz, diopside, apatite, Yates mine
1984 ~ Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Upper State New York
•   byssolite (actinolite), pyrite, magnetite
•   zeolites from Gettysburg
•   Franklinite, and other zinc minerals in Franklin, N.J.
•   Williamsite from Maryland (along with poison ivy)
•   Hematite roses, uvite tourmaline, dravite tourmaline, albite and others from the Pitcairn skarn zone in New York
1985 ~ Polar Bear Trip to Northern Ontario
•   Vermilion mine for sperrylite
•   wet walk for cobalite near Espanola
•   bonanza at Rossport (fluorite)
•   amethyst, gold in Timmins (Dome), silver (Silver Crater)
1986 ~ Keewanaw and Wisconsin
•   Seaman Museum in Houghton/Hancock
•   Copper and copper/silver "half-breeds"
•   underground at the Caledonia mine, bears at Copper Harbour
•   Datolite and analcite at the Cliff Mine, chisel chips
•   wierd pegmatites in Wisconsin
1987 ~ Ottawa Valley and Eastern Townships of Quebec
•   Spinel (including mauve), Oka (pyrochlore), St. Eustache, (Dolomitic Calcite), St. Hilaire, Mt. Orford (Diopside and green garnet)
•   Sherbrooke (pyrite in slate), Asbestos (Vesuvianite, grossular garnet), - Thetford (Hydromagnesite, stillbite, apophyllite, calcite). Crean Hill mine (realgar)
1988 ~ Virginia
•   Cassiterite, pyrolusite, prehnite, topaz, amazonite, turquoise crystals, stilbite, kyanite
1989 ~ Sunset Country
•   Stanley, Rabbit Mountain, Silver Mountain for argentite, prehnite, sulphides, amethyst, quartz
•   Atikokan (Steep Rock and Caland mines) for calcite, quartz, pyrolusite, manganite, hematite, goethite
•   Amethyst, fluorite, barite, gold, galena, sphalerite
•   Labradorite, zircon
1990 ~ Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
•   tourmaline, beryl, fluorapatite, plus some "small" aquamarines
•   Native antimony & stibnite
•   Cassiterite, wolframite, and topaz
•   Gold, andalusite, barite
•   Zeolites - stilbite, heulandite, laumontite, chabazite
1991 ~
1992 ~ Bluegrass: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana
•   calcite, millerite, barite, celestite, sphalerite
•   pyrite, dolomite, fluorite
•   galena, marcasite, quartz, chalcedony
•   flint, agate, fossils
1993 ~ Heritage Trail: Vermont, New Hampshire, Quebec
•   grossular, magnetite, serpentine
•   quartz, beryl, autinite, pyrite
•   diopside, chromite, vesuvianite
•   Mt. Orford Nickel Mine - diopside, millerite
1994 ~ Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana
1995 ~ Keweenaw: Northern Michigan
•   datolite, barite, copper, silver
•   cuprite, agate, analcime
1995 ~ Superior II: Northern Ontario
•   Atikokan: manganite, hematite, pyrolusite
•   Nipigon: amethyst
•   spodumene, fluorite
1996 ~ Bluenose II: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick (Bill & Roni Plavac)
•   zeolites, jasper, fossils
•   gypsum, manganite, barite
•   wolframite, cassiterite, molybdenite
•   stibnite, antimony, kermesite
1997 ~ Western Ho: Manitoba and Northwest Ontario
1998 ~ Tristate: Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Iowa
1999 ~ The Final Frontier: Newfoundland
•   calcite, barite, Moose
•   fossils, Elk
•   fluorite, Geese, Puffins, Whales
2000 ~
2001 ~ Ottawa to Quebec
2002 ~ Bancroft Area & Fall Colours trip to Ohio
2003 ~ Summer 2003 Trip to Haliburton/Minden
2004 ~ Yates Uranium Mine Otter Lake, Quebec
2005 ~ Yates Uranium Mine Otter Lake, Quebec
2013 ~ St. Marys Cement, Bowmanville, Ontario


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Re: MORE Field Trips AND Past Field Trips added ontario, canada
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2018, 07:27:50 PM »

these field trips gives you an idea of how many rockhounding sites there actually is in ontatrio, canada...mary

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