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Author Topic: Moonstone  (Read 175 times)

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« on: August 09, 2019, 08:37:05 AM »

I'm noticing many cheap white moonstone cabs lately. Are they real? Are they synthetics or lab created? Most are relatively small but they vary in size.


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Re: Moonstone
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2019, 12:14:58 PM »

Moonstone can be quite common. There was a big cliff of it in Montana that was being mined slowly by hand years ago but bad advice was given and they dynamited the entire cliff ( it was next to Butte ) ruining the fragile moonstone. Here in Washington it surrounds a certain quartz lode. The quartz was mined for many years for bottles as it was under 1% iron. The whole deposit has a feldspar moonstone rim that also has been blasted to hell. Some stones are fragile  and do not marry well to greed.I suspect they are finding lots of moonstone in Madagascar as feldspar seems to be quite common there.


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Re: Moonstone
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2019, 06:57:25 PM »

Could be opalite. I bought some in Quartzsite early this year from the aussies. It glows like moonstone... maybe?


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Re: Moonstone
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2019, 08:56:05 AM »

Orthoclase moonstone comes in various grades. Pieces with very little adularescence are quite common and priced accordingly. The silky transparent pieces with strong blue glow, on the other hand, fetch very high prices.

In addition, some sell opaque pieces of feldspar with no adularescence as moonstone (if it doesn't have that shifting glow, then it isn't moonstone). Also, the so-called "Rainbow Moonstone" is a form of labradorite, rather than orthoclase, and doesn't fetch as high prices as the equivalent orthoclase material.

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